Rammin Retrievers

Randy and Mindy have been training labrador retrievers for 25 years for obedience, hunting and retrieving competitions (field trials).

  • Our first dog (Magic) has a companion dog (CD) title in the obedience ring. She won 2 qualifying stakes in field competition and also won the King Buck Ducks Unlimited Amateur Stakes in 1997.
  • April, our second retriever obtained a CD and a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title from the AKC. She has all the placements in the Qualifying Stakes in retriever competition and also received a reserve jam in an amateur stake. April also completed her master hunter title (MH).
  • FC-AFC Rammin Hot Chili was our next retriever we owned, she retired accumulating 93 all age points in limited trials. We mainly concentrated on competing her at the national level which she has done well at. Chili qualified to run at 9 national events and finished 2 national amateurs and one national open. Chili is also a member of the double-header club where she won an amateur and an open in the same weekend and to date holds the record for most dogs beaten in a weekend trial (117 open dogs and 70 amateur dogs). Chili has also "gotten close" 3 other weekends finishing first or second in the open and the amateur barely missing another double header weekend.
  • AFC Rammin Sweet Candy was our next competitor who has had alot of bad medical breaks in her career but still managed to become an AFC and complete 8 series in a national amateur contest. She was also asked to be a test dog at the 2005 national open in Cheraw South Carolina. Candy is the mother of our next dog Rammin Jumping Jelly "Beans".
  • Beanie won a qualifying as a young 3 yr old and 2 weeks later won an open and continues to chip away at her field champion title.
  • Our latest addition Rammin Peanut Butter Bohn finished her derby career with 13 points in 6 trials including 2 wins. She is competing in open stakes and has jammed 4 to date.

Professional Retriever Training

Rammin Retrievers takes great pride in teaching clients how to train and compete with their dogs. We offer one on one daily instruction on handling and reading dogs on blinds and marks. Clients learn how to set up marks and blinds and how one affects another. We also offer day training for people who want one on one instruction for different problems that they might be having with their dogs. Seminars aren't once a year, they happen everyday of training.

Rammin Retrievers has also figured out a system to teach dogs how to be quiet on line and be better aware of their behavior on line. Creeping, noise, longing, and breaking are all addressed. Many dogs have come through our program to go on and be competitive in trials or quiet hunting dogs.

We accept limited dogs for training, the dogs that are in for training do become competitive and we do get results. Since turning pro in summer of '06 we have been competitive with clients dogs and also clients running their own dogs. In 2008 clients or myself running their dogs accumulated 34 ribbens, and in 2009 we started competing in July and accumulated 22 ribbons for the remainder of the year.


Training Grounds: