Boarding your pet with us is just like being at home. Let your pet have his vacation while you're having yours. Play time is a must around here and there's always a few dogs up to it.

Our kennels are cleaned twice everyday, all hair is swept up, your pet will be fed as directed by you and the dogs have access to water 24 hours a day. Any accidents by our litte visitors are cleaned and the run is sterilized. After your pet has been picked up the run is washed and sterilized for the next visitor. All dogs are given playtime in our exercise yards several times daily at no extra charge. We will also give your pets medication at an additional charge.


All of our builings are heated and also have air conditioning to keep your pets comfortable. Daily exercise is given in the play areas several times a day, we try to match up your dogs personality with others so they can play together. Extra play time is available as is cuddle time at an added cost. We welcome and recommend you bring your dogs personal items (toys/bedding/blankets/bones) and especially their own food because switching to another food could lead to upset stomachs. Your personal belongings must be labeled with your pets name.


We have a private room for our feline friends where they can take turns having freedom to roam the room, lay in the sunny picture window, use our scratching posts or lounge in one of the many beds. We have kitty litter and dishes so yours are not required.

Boarding Rates: ( Effective February 1st, 2023 )

Dog Boarding Prices:

The rate for 1 dog is $40 per day and if you board 2 dogs together, the first dog is $40 and second dog is $32 per day.

Cat Boarding Rates:

The rate for 1 cat is $22 per day and if you board 2 cats together, the first cat is $22 and second cat is $18 per day


  • Credit cards are NOT accepted.
  • NO checks under $150 dollars.
  • There is NO refunds for EARLY pickups.
  • A 48 HOUR notice is required for cancellations to avoid a fee.


Medications are not a problem with a veterinary technician on staff; however, there is a minimal charge for giving medication.


Dogs are required to have the following: Rabies, Canine Influenza, Distemper-Parvo, & Bordetella ( We highly recommend the Nasal) Cats are also required to have Distemper and Rabies vaccinations. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PETS WITHOUT THESE SHOTS AND WE NEED TO HAVE A COPY OF THE SHOT RECORDS 1 WEEK PRIOR TO BOARDING...NO EXCEPTIONS


  • Normal business hours for drop off and pick up are: 9 - 10am & 7 - 8pm
  • Holiday Business hours are the following:

  • New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, & Labor Day: 7 - 8pm only
  • New Years Eve & Christmas Eve: 9 - 10am only
  • Easter, Christmas, & Thanksgiving we will be open, but there will be no pick up and drop off hours.